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Neil Hendry

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Born in Ipswich and now based in West Suffolk, England,  my journey to this stage in my life has been an eventful one.

I grew up in Ipswich and still support the local football team, a source of endless frustration. At 18, I headed off to University. where I gained an undergraduate degree at Sheffield University, before studying for a postgraduate masters degree in Landscape Architecture and Planning at the University of Manchester.

Adventurous and a ‘free spirit’ at heart, I have been fortunate to have been able to travel extensively. When I was 21, I spent 3 months living in the rainforest of Guyana, South America on an expedition working with the local indigenous Amerindians, along with a range of people from all nationalities. They taught me much about myself and how simple and beautiful life can be.

Neil Hendry Guyana 1988 Europe Alps 1992

Pictures: Expedition to Guyana, South America 1988. Climbing Mont Blanc in the European Alps 1992.

I have climbed some great mountains in the Alps and the Pyrenees and also some nearer to home! I have always enjoyed a challenge.

For several years I worked in the UK, but then for 12 years I have been based in South-East Asia, before returning to England.

I was based in Hong Kong and worked for a couple of large companies, the last one being a major Fortune 500 Engineering, Planning and Design firm. Projects took me to China, the Middle East, India and Thailand and given the economic growth in this part of the world, it presented many exciting opportunities.


For many, being a Director with such a company would be seen as a major achievement and a career goal, but long hours, frequent travel, staying in hotels and high levels of stress are the price that I paid.


Neil Hendry Hong Kong

Pictures: Hong Kong, trip to Alcatraz, San Francisco……..and my last day at work!

Maybe you can relate to this? In truth, you are not really in control of your life, your schedule and time is dictated by the job.

Most people trade time for money..but what if there was an alternative?

Worked tended to dominate life, but in my free-time there I loved to play sport, playing soccer for a couple of local teams as well as enjoying swimming and playing guitar.  Guitar is something I am focussing much more on now that I have more time to practice. If you had more free-time what would you do with it?

Entrepreneur At Heart

For a long time I have looked and pursued other opportunities alongside my chosen career. Before I started my business online I purchased some land and worked on a project to develop some land in Phuket, Thailand. After 3 years of design and planning work, the tsunami of December 24th 2003 hit the island (along with numerous other countries in the Asia/ Pacific region) and put the whole venture in doubt.

A year later things improved and my business partner and I decided to continue, only to be affected by the military coup that happened in 2006! I was in Bangkok when the tanks rolled onto the streets. Needless to say neither if these events were in the business plan. The final nail in the coffin was the world financial crisis of 2008,  the property market was finally over for some period to come.

Hard lesson learnt. There is risk in business. The loss of the investment of both time and money. Neither was easy to take.

So when I took stock and looked at my options I was extremely cautious and uncertain of the way forward. I returned to the workplace, the 9am-6pm or 9am-12pm or even all-day and all night routines if there was a big deadline.

But once you have thought and tried for an alternative lifestyle and way of doing business, it’s not easy to forget that dream.

I looked at many ideas, business opportunities and options.

So what next? Corporate life again or………


Online Marketing

So why online marketing?

Well probably for many of the same reasons that others have looked into the option of working online.

Given the fast evolution of internet technology, I was intrigued by the possibility of that ‘laptop lifestyle’

  • the ability to operate a business from a computer anywhere in the world
  • the leverage available in being able to access a global marketplace
  • the relative low start-up costs compared to a conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ business

But the quest for this lifestyle has not been a straight forward one. Like many I have purchased many training products and systems that all promised great wealth and riches. ‘Push-button’ solutions for a quick return. Do they exist? Well maybe you already know the answer to that, but the reality is that these products sell to the dreams that people have, but most don’t deliver the results that people were expecting or they only give part of the equation for success. And yes, in my quest for knowledge and some answers I have been drawn into them too.


Neil Hendry Internet Marketing

Pictures: The ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ – It’s about taking control and working where you want, when you want……

So what then is the solution?

A Real Online Business

There are countless firms and individuals on the internet who have found a solution for ‘how to make money online’.  The truth is that they don’t make money, they earn it through providing products or services or through their marketing efforts promoting other peoples products and services. This was as true before the internet revolution as it is now. You need to offer something of value to people who have a need for it.

But how do you put all the various parts of a system together to form a real business?

  • What products or services do you provide?
  • How do you get sufficient traffic/ leads to buys these products or services.
  • How do you set up an efficient sales process and close sales?
  • How do you deliver/ fulfil the orders?
  • How do you set up an organisation to handle these different aspects 
  • Does all this sound overwhelming? 

If you want I could probably give you a list of at least 20 business models that work today and will probably continue to work well into the future and that I have researched and considered. They didn’t, however, make the cut.

This page is not about going into detail about what I do and how I have achieved my own ‘laptop lifestyle, but suffice to say I have found answers to the questions posed above. And if you are interested I am happy to share more with you.

Can You Do This?

The simple answer is that anyone can achieve success online if they have the motivation to learn and implement things.

If you know why you want to do it, then it is just a matter if finding out how…….


Everyone is different and people have different priorities and goals at different stages in their life.

But it seems to be almost universal, however, that most people need more money and they want more time to be able to relax and enjoy life.

  • More money to pay for bills and life’s necessities
  • More time for family and friends
  • More time for interests and hobbies
  • More time and money for travel
  • More money/ security for the future
  • And more……

You will have your own reasons why you want to find a way out of where you are at present and what you hope for the future.

The real issue is not whether you have the ability (you have), but whether you can find a business model that works and then also receive a blueprint as to how to set it up and operate it. But how easy is it to find such information? If you have trawled the forums and the product launches for any length of time you are probably aware of all the wasted time, money and effort you can waste pursuing dead-ends.

In short. You need a solution. As I did, just a few short months ago.

Some Last Thoughts….

If you are looking for some inspiration or direction, listen to this extract of an amazing speech given by Alan Watts……if might just ‘fire you up’ inside….. 

(Alan Watts – British Philosopher, 6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973)

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Next Steps

This business isn’t for everyone and we only want to work with those that are serious…..a select few.

At this stage though, you really have nothing to lose by checking it out further and seeing if it is a good fit or not.

Whatever you decide, I wish you well in your pursuit of freedom and happiness.

If you are serious about building a real business and learning the fundamentals of marketing online professionally, then please enter your email in the form below to find out more:

To your success and happiness,

Neil Hendry




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