Entrepreneur’s Mindset – Is It About Controlling Our Destiny?

Entrepreneur’s Mindet – How Much Of It It Driven By The Desire To Shape Our Lives?

Are you an entrepreneur or would youlike to be? Why? Is it the dream of being more in control of your life, not to have to work for a boss, to be more creative or all three?
By Neil Hendry

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How To Reinvent Yourself With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

In the following article, the author discusses whether the desire to become an entrepreneur is intrinsically tied up with the desire to be more in control of our lives……

How To Reinvent Yourself with An Entrepreneurial Mindset …


“In many ways, entrepreneurship is about where we place the responsibility for our experience. Although it’s hubris to think that you have complete control of your experience, it’s martyrdom to think that you have none. An entrepreneur is someone deeply engaged in his or her experience of life and willing to do the daily work of transforming it.

The entrepreneur is idealist and pragmatic, sensitive to the world she wishes to see, and conscious of the world as it is. The entrepreneur’s work, then, lies in connecting the two…”

So would you define yourself as an entrepreneur? Do you feel more or less in control of your life? Let me know in the comments below.


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