Laptop Lifestyle – Are You Really Living Your Dream?

Is Your Laptop Lifestyle A Nightmare Rather Than A Dream?

Involved with the detail when what you really need is a 'big picture...?'
By Neil Hendry

It’s very easy to be seduced by images like the one below. A couple serenely sitting on the beach, tapping away at their keyboards, seemingly without a care in the world.

Couple using laptops at beach

Laptop lifestyle has become synonymous for a more relaxed way of living and doing business. And certainly the people selling their products and services promising this have a vested interest in perpetuating it.

But how is it for you? Is your laptop lifestyle like the image above or more like the one below?

Frustrated Businessman Sitting At Desk In Office Using Laptop

The reality is that for a lot of people trying to develop a business online, it is the latter. Long days and nights trying to fathom it all out.

Perhaps your experience is a little like mine? I began the quest of trying to develop a business online some while back. A few years back to be precise. In that time I’ve bought countless products, eBooks and courses from people who promised me the answer. The problem is that with everyone selling products that promised a simple solution, my mindset began to think that there must be some magic button somewhere….I just hadn’t found it yet.

So what changed?

In short, me. I had to change and realise that whilst the internet offered this huge opportunity to people to access a global marketplace, the fundamentals of business hadn’t really changed overnight. Commerce throughout time has been driven by the demand for:

Products and services that people need…..

Ok, so the first point I had to grasp was that somehow I had to offer:

1. Products and/ or Services – Which People Need

It’s obviously more complicated than this. Issues such as what to offer, what price points/ metrics need to be in place to even have a chance of being profitable. Price points is something that I will return too, but I will ‘sow the seed’ now that you do need to be thinking about a variety of them, including higher value items. But for now let’s focus on the ‘big picture’.

Assuming I had a product or service that met this criteria, I would then have to figure out how to market online to reach my target audience. No easy task with all the misinformation and lies being peddled. But regardless of that I knew I needed:

2. Training + Support

But what about that laptop lifestyle? You remember, the couple sitting on the beach tapping serenely on their keyboards in the pic above? How does that work?

Well this brings me onto the third point:

3. Leverage and Automation of Marketing Systems

To actually be able to step away from the laptop and enjoy the other important aspects of life, there has to be a way of automating large parts of the processes. Or to put it another way, to leverage the system so that you don’t have to be there 24/7 for your business to function. And this last step is one that many people struggle with, including myself in the beginning. And in truth, I didn’t figure it out all by myself. It was through finding a certain online community that helped me find the answers to all three issues. Learning from people who have already found successful solutions is a lot better than painfully trying to figure it all out yourself.

Of course there is much more detail to each stage (as I alluded to above) and I will write more in future articles. But the important point to grasp first is that the higher level strategy/ framework needs to be correct. Without that in place, you are setting yourself up for failure.

So maybe start with taking a step back. How are you approaching the laptop lifestyle?

Because in the end, your overall strategy is so much more important than the detail.

Best wishes


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