Suffolk Harvest In Black + White

Photographer’s will often say that they begin to look at the world slightly different.

You think about framing views, available light and how to capture a moment. I tend to shoot all my picture in RAW format. What’s RAW? Well unlike JPEGS, RAW is as it sounds…the unprocessed file that captures all of the image information (in colour) for you to process later using software.

In the old day’s, pre-digital, you had to decide whether you wanted to shoot in black and white (b+w) or colour. These days you can shoot everything in colour and then just decide later on.

Some pictures are just meant to be b+w. I think this one of the fields in Suffolk, combined with the skyscape is one of these…..

Suffolk Harvest 2014 #1

Have a great day…..

Best wishes

Neil Hendry

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