Twitter vs Facebook: 8 Reasons Why Facebook Is King


Facebook Is Top Dog Compared to Twitter…….Or Anyone Else For That Matter In The Social Media Space……

Although Twitter has announced it's IPO and there is much fuss (and flurrying of feathers) in the city, it still lags someway behind Facebook....and in all likelihood due to the micro format of the platform, always will...
By Neil Hendry
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Context is king in this one. Facebook format and rich media platforms allows for a much wider variety of contextual ad types. Coupled with a huge following and time spent daily on the platform, Facebook is not just a long way ahead of Twitter, it is a long way ahead of everyone in the social media world.

Twitter’s much-anticipated public offering is the most buzzed-about tech IPO since Facebook’s last May. But Twitter has not reached Facebook’s level of influence just yet.

In 2013 so far, Facebook’s revenue tops $5.3 billion. Twitter, in turn, generated $422 million. When it comes to active monthly users, Facebook’s base of almost 1.2 billion trounces Twitter’s 232 million.

Statista’s infographic, below, compares Facebook and Twitter in eight different measures.

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Twitter v Facebook

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Image: Mashable composite. iStockphoto, zoljo; Twitter; Wikimedia Commons

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Facebook is beginning to challenge Google as a major advertising platform for marketers. Their detailed demographic data on their user base is extraordinary and allows for ad placements to certain market segments with incredible accuracy.  It will now be interesting to see how search vs social plays out in the future.

Neil Hendry

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